• Howard Greenberg Gallery

    Howard Greenberg Gallery

    Explore the world of iconic photography at Howard Greenberg Gallery, showcasing works by legendary photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, and Jungjin Lee. Immerse yourself in a rich collection spanning genres and styles, offering a unique glimpse into the evolution of the medium. Discover the passion, artistry, and historical significance of fine art photography at this renowned institution.
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  • The Art of Fashion Photography

    The Art of Fashion Photography

    The art of fashion photography has been thriving for decades, and it continues to inspire and influence people all around the world. From the timeless and classic works of Richard Avedon to the modern and innovative shots of Peter Lindbergh, the fashion industry has been enriched by many talented photographers.⁠
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  • Harry Callahan | Portfolio

    Harry Callahan | Portfolio

    Discover the captivating and influential work of Harry Callahan, an American photographer known for his innovative approach to capturing the beauty of everyday life. His attention to detail, unique use of light and shadow, and remarkable sense of composition are showcased in his photographs, inspiring generations of photographers. Experience his powerful artistic vision by exploring Callahan's work if you're a...
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  • Black and White Photography vs Art

    Black and White Photography vs Art

    Black and white photography has been an integral part of the fine arts for over a century. It allows artists to focus on composition, form and texture without the distraction of colour, resulting in iconic and powerful images. This medium emphasises form and texture, creating a more abstract and graphic style that effectively conveys mood and emotion. Many renowned photographers,...
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  • Sarah Moon | Portfolio

    Sarah Moon | Portfolio

    "Captivating, ethereal, and hauntingly beautiful" - these are just a few words that come to mind when one thinks of Sarah Moon's photography. With a career spanning over four decades, Sarah Moon has established herself as one of the most iconic photographers of our time. Her work is a mesmerising blend of fantasy and reality, often featuring dreamlike landscapes and...
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  • "Event Horizon": Sony World Photography Awards Finalist

    "Event Horizon": Sony World Photography Awards Finalist

    Kacper Kowalski, a Polish aerial photographer, embarked on a journey in search of harmony during the onset of winter. With a strong desire to explore the limits of rationality, Kowalski took to the skies to capture breathtaking aerial views of frozen bodies of water. Using a gyrocopter or motorised paraglider, Kowalski completed 76 solo flights between January and March, covering...
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  • Rinko Kawauchi | Portfolio

    Rinko Kawauchi | Portfolio

    Rinko Kawauchi is a renowned Japanese photographer whose unique approach to capturing the beauty of everyday life has gained significant recognition worldwide. Her soft, muted colours, dreamlike quality, and multi-dimensional compositions have made her a prominent figure in the art world. Kawauchi's work explores themes of nature, time, and human experience, and has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums...
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  • After Beauty by Maura Sullivan at L'intervalle

    After Beauty by Maura Sullivan at L'intervalle

    Maura Sullivan's second monograph after Things We Remember (Skeleton Key Press, Norway, 2021), After Beauty is inspired by several poems by Walter Fields, which define beauty as an attitude to life rather than as a prettiness of appearance. The book has been mentioned in L'intervalle - the blog about literature, photography, artistic gestures, human sciences, philosophy, interviews and chronicles is curated by Fabien Ribery.
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  • Laura Hospes | Portfolio

    Laura Hospes | Portfolio

    Laura Hospes (b. 1994) has been taking self-portraits since the age of 16 as a way to connect with others and express her inner emotions. Her photographs, which often reflect her struggles with depression and anxiety, have won her numerous awards and have been featured in several international exhibitions and media outlets. She recently published a book, UCP, which documents...
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  • Black & White vs. Colour

    Black & White vs. Colour

    The comparison between black and white and colour photography has been a topic of discussion among photographers and photography enthusiasts for many years. Both techniques have their own unique characteristics and capabilities, and the choice between them often depends on the photographer's artistic vision and intended emotional impact.
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  • Michael Oliver Love | Q&A

    Michael Oliver Love | Q&A

    Michael Oliver Love's fashion photography shows Black women with sensual figures and men wearing jewellery, make-up and high heels, breaking away from conventional norms to present raw beauty. His aim is to present an alternative view of beauty that differs from the typical representation in major fashion magazines. Love's work explores the intersection of femininity and masculinity, presenting a new,...
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  • Casper Faassen | Portfolio

    Casper Faassen | Portfolio

    Casper Faassen (b. 1975) is a painter and photographer who lives and works in Leiden, The Netherlands. The main theme of his work is beauty. The silent, eternal and beautiful is set against a background of apparent decay: Vanitas. His photographs are built up like paintings with different imaginary and physical layers, giving the viewer a feeling of distance and...
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  • Maciej Markowicz | Interview

    Maciej Markowicz | Interview

    Maciej Markowicz is an artist with a boat that he turned into a Camera Obscura in 2017. Living on a floating surface while travelling around Europe, Markowicz doesn’t waste any minute. He organises workshops for kids and adults and fascinates everyone with the magic of creating 8 seconds paintings with light and motion on colour photographic paper.
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  • Tim Verhallen | Interview

    Tim Verhallen | Interview

    1605 Collective invites you to deep dive into the interview with Tim Verhallen. Being a famous fashion photographer, Verhallen admits that his main inspiration are people. By creating powerful connections with his models, he creates masterpieces in a form of photographs that are both sensitive and dynamic.This fall, 1605 Collective also presents a unique creation of 1605 Publishers, the book...
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