• Sarah Moon | Portfolio

    Sarah Moon | Portfolio

    "Captivating, ethereal, and hauntingly beautiful" - these are just a few words that come to mind when one thinks of Sarah Moon's photography. With a career spanning over four decades, Sarah Moon has established herself as one of the most iconic photographers of our time. Her work is a mesmerising blend of fantasy and reality, often featuring dreamlike landscapes and...
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  • Rinko Kawauchi | Portfolio

    Rinko Kawauchi | Portfolio

    Rinko Kawauchi is a renowned Japanese photographer whose unique approach to capturing the beauty of everyday life has gained significant recognition worldwide. Her soft, muted colours, dreamlike quality, and multi-dimensional compositions have made her a prominent figure in the art world. Kawauchi's work explores themes of nature, time, and human experience, and has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums...
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  • Antony Gormley | Portfolio

    Antony Gormley | Portfolio

    Antony Gormley is a renowned British sculptor known for his large-scale sculptures that explore the relationship between the human body and space. He often uses casts of his own or other people's bodies to create personal and universal works of art. His most famous works include Angel of the North and Another Place, which are iconic landmarks in the UK....
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  • Sol LeWitt | Portfolio

    Sol LeWitt | Portfolio

    Sol LeWitt was a pioneering American artist known for his groundbreaking work in the realm of conceptual and minimal art. Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1928, LeWitt rose to prominence in the 1960s with his iconic wall drawings, which combined simple geometric shapes and lines to create a standardised, repetitive visual language. As a self-taught artist who initially worked as...
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  • Ileana Moro | Portfolio

    Ileana Moro | Portfolio

    Ileana Moro was born in 1992 in Costa Rica. She is a self-taught artist currently based in Antwerp. Moro’s artworks are recognised mainly for her painting in dark tones wanting to expose the depths and layers of experiences as an instinctive relationship to the invisible things, the border between life and the mystery.
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  • Oskar Holweck | Portfolio

    Oskar Holweck | Portfolio

    Oskar Holweck used a variety of techniques to bend, crumple, fold, press, squeeze, stretch, score, tear, slit, cut, saw, singe, and burn white paper, which was a single object to which he applied all of his artistic abilities. He examined the fundamental procedures of artistic creation and the crucial characteristics of his medium in serial repeats with the focus of...
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  • Arquitectura-G | Portfolio

    Arquitectura-G | Portfolio

    A Barcelona-based architectural firm named ARQUITECTURA-G was established in 2006. In their pursuit of humane architecture, they work with the best solutions that are specially developed. Their present work comprises international projects of distinctive renovations and new constructions, and they have extensive experience renovating old structures. Their work has garnered numerous honours and accolades, most notably the 2015 Emerging Architect...
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  • Casper Faassen | Portfolio

    Casper Faassen | Portfolio

    Casper Faassen (b. 1975) is a painter and photographer who lives and works in Leiden, The Netherlands. The main theme of his work is beauty. The silent, eternal and beautiful is set against a background of apparent decay: Vanitas. His photographs are built up like paintings with different imaginary and physical layers, giving the viewer a feeling of distance and...
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  • NORR11 | Portfolio

    NORR11 | Portfolio

    NORR11 is a Danish design brand driven by a vision to bring new perspectives to modern interiors across furniture and lighting. Crafted with honest and natural materials the designs are built-to-last, with a commitment to sustainability.
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  • Portfolio | Sabine Marcelis

    Portfolio | Sabine Marcelis

    Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch designer who creates furniture, lighting, and other objects. Her work is often inspired by nature, and she often uses unusual materials like metal mesh, plastic, and wood veneer. Marcelis' work is often minimalist and sleek, and her pieces have a futuristic look to them.The artist was born in 1984 in the Netherlands. She studied at the...
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  • Portfolio: Pep Carrió

    Portfolio: Pep Carrió

    In his project Diario Visual, Pep Carrió searches for objects and ends up encountering emotions. Countering emotions, consequently, against which the visitor can harbor any feeling except indifference. A gallery of tiny, commonplace heartbeats mixed together, combining with each other until they make up the two faces of the same coin: the heart of those shoreless seas which we have...
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  • Ryuji Tanaka | Portfolio

    Ryuji Tanaka | Portfolio

    Ryuji Tanaka is one the most famous Japanese artists who focused on a traditional painting style - nihonga.⁠ Nihonga is the creative process of mixing mineral pigments and applying them onto the canvas or Japanese washi paper with glue to act as a fixing agent. Usually, Japanese artists apply paint with a brush, however, Tanaka often used a feather which often resulted...
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  • Ver van Dam | Portfolio

    Ver van Dam | Portfolio

    Vera van Dam (b. 1989) is an Amsterdam-based photographer. Her work is a byproduct of her life experiences and operates in a space between dream and reality. Here, her emotions, thoughts, and memories come together in a poetic and graphical way. Her work resonates with soft and sensual esthetics and it's drawn to unique compositions.
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  • Sergi Comellas | Portfolio

    Sergi Comellas | Portfolio

    Sergi Comellas is a Barcelona-based interior designer who he came to this area by instinct. Always in search of a singular project where he can capture his personal vision, in 2005 he opened his own studio in society and since then, his work focuses primarily on the development of private residential projects and professional spaces.
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  • Thirza Schaap | New Work

    Thirza Schaap | New Work

    Plastic Ocean by Thirza Schaap is an ongoing project dedicated to creating awareness about climate change and enforcing sustainable development. Schaap works with plastic waste she finds on the beach in Cape Town. The artist collects plastic bottles, packaging, threads, straws among other harmful plastic particles.
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  • Lilian Bassman: Portfolio

    Lilian Bassman: Portfolio

    Lilian Bassman (1917-2012) was an American photographer and painter. Bassman's photography is notable for her unusual printing techniques and innovative graphic effects. She worked as an art-director at Harper's Bazaar in the late 40s and helped to establish photographers such as Richard Avedon and Robert Frank.
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