Thirza Schaap

Hand Tied - Plastic Ocean | Special Edition Sculpture

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"Hand Tied"

Unique editions by Thirza Schaap
5 Special Edition Sculptures from the project "Plastic Ocean" with a certificate

Book Plastic Ocean: Binding: Hardcover | Pages:  96 | Size:  21x29cm | Language: English | Sculptures: Size with glass: 22cmx20cm | Size without glass: 10 cm | Weight: 3kg | Certificate

About the sculptures

Thirza Schaap, a Dutch artist and sculptor, has created a series of miniature sculptures that are both beautiful and thought-provoking. Each sculpture was carefully handcrafted using plastic waste that Schaap found during her daily walks on the beach in Cape Town. Working between The Netherlands and South Africa, Schaap originally created larger sculptures between 35 and 60 cm in size in her studio or outside in nature. These sculptures were then photographed for the book "Plastic Ocean," which was published in 2020 by 1605 Collective.

Schaap enjoys working outside because she believes it adds an element of randomness and coincidence to her creative process. Nature often influences her work, and she embraces these unpredictable moments. For example, when the wind blows and messes up a composition, or when a bug accidentally lands on one of the sculptures. She also does not retouch the photographs of her sculptures, preferring to leave them as spontaneous as possible.

Together with 1605 Publishers, Schaap had an idea to create a limited edition version of the book that would include a signed copy, a handmade miniature sculpture in a glass box, and a certificate of authenticity. The five miniature sculptures are around 10 cm each and have never been created in this size by the artist before, making this project even more special. Each sculpture has a different name and a unique story.

The sculptures and the images in the book are a powerful reminder of the ecological impact of plastic waste. They show a clash between minimal aesthetics and the devastating impact of human activity on the environment. On closer inspection, the sculptures in particular in-still a sense of ecological grief, questioning consumption, idolatry, and what we value in our lives today. Schaap describes the result as both quirky and playful but also very profound and paradoxical.

Overall, Thirza Schaap's miniature sculptures are a testament to the power of art to inspire and educate. They encourage us to reflect on our relationship with the natural world and the importance of sustainable living.

The titles of the sculptures

Hand Tied