Axel Vervoordt

Wabi Inspirations

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The book "Wabi Inspirations" explores the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi and its principles of simplicity, authenticity and the beauty of imperfection. Interior designer Axel Vervoordt, known for his Wabi-Sabi-inspired designs, shares his personal approach to the concept with the help of architect Tatsuro Miki and photographs by Laziz Hamani.


"Wabi Inspirations" delves into the use of natural materials, simplicity without extravagance, and timelessness rooted in tradition. It offers readers guidance on how to create peaceful and serene spaces in their own homes that embody the essence of Wabi-Sabi. This book is perfect for those who are interested in Japanese culture, minimalism, and interior design.


Edited in: 2010 | Pages: 245 | Hardcover: 26,5 x 22 cm |  ISBN: 9782080301451 | Language (English): Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations (Flammarion, 2010)