October 11, 2021

Bastiaan Woudt: exhibition & book "Rhythm" at MENDO

By 1605 Publishers
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MENDO isn't a regular bookstore with titles on photography, fashion, travel, architecture & graphic design. It's an art temple with plenty of inspiration for everybody. Over here, artists can showcase their work, organise signing sessions, give interviews and attract gazes of their admirers; art lovers, photography students and people with good taste in book in general, can nestle down in a comfy chair, grab a book and with the feeling of complete detachment from the outside world, dive into the universe of fine art, culinary, style and adventures.

Bastiaan Woudt exhibition

Last month, the renowned Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, The Netherlands) had an exhibition of his work from the project "Rhythm" at MENDO. His newly published book with the same title is also presented at the store (and they have signed copies!). In his interview for MENDO (read the full interview here), Bastiaan Woudt states that "Rhythm" is a self-reflective document and a cathartic experience during the global pandemic. "My creative evolution, who I am today and where I’m headed as a photographer has now been encapsulated within exactly 500 pages", Woudt tells MENDO. The photographer is very proud of his masterpiece where all his series meet together and images engage in an ardent conversation.  

Bastiaan Woudt technique

"I think this is the biggest accomplishment of my career so far. My hope for this document is to not be considered the reflection of a time, moreover for it to be an ever-growing entity, which can be added onto and even re-published for years to come", he concludes.


Bastiaan Woudt Rhythm

You can see the beautiful selection of images from the project "Rhythm" (and even purchase one if you like!) at MENDO in Amsterdam only until the end of December, 2021. Get your signed copy of the book "Rhythm" that comes in two different covers Carlos and Rhythm also at MENDO or right here with us. 


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A 10-year retrospective of the Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, The Netherlands) that includes images from different projects like Tino, Mukono, Caravan, Peak to name but a few. See "Rhythm" exhibition at MENDO in Amsterdam until the end of December and get your signed copy of the book "Rhythm" that comes in two different covers Carlos and Rhythm at MENDO or right here with 1605 Publishers.