Terms & Conditions

1.1 1605 Collective: trade name of the Private Limited Company 1605 Publishers B.V. Having its registered office in Alkmaar and registered at the Chamber of Commerce under filing number 83120335.

1.2 Customer: a natural or legal person who enters into an agreement with 1605 Publishers. 

1.3 Consumer: a Customer as meant in article 1.2, who is not acting in the exercise of profession or company. 

1.4 Website of 1605 Collective: the website of 1605 Collective among others to be reached through www.1605collective.com. 

1.5 Products: the most comprehensive definition of a product or case, definitely including, although not exclusively, to say: books, other reading merchandise and other goods. 

1.6 Agreement: a distance contract, whereby Customer via 1605 Collective organised system for distance sales of products at 1605 Collective and whereby up until the closing of an agreement exclusively one or more techniques for distance communication are used.

1.7 Reflection time: a time during which a Consumer has the option to bring about the resolving of the purchase, via right of withdrawal. 

1.8 Right of withdrawal: the option for a Consumer to – after receipt of the ordered Product(s) to return these Products to 1605 Collective within the reflection time and get their purchase price back.