• Japanese Culture and Identity Through the Lens

    Japanese Culture and Identity Through the Lens

    Explore the captivating world where Japanese culture intertwines with identity through the lens of art photography. Dive into the nuanced narratives capturing the essence of tradition and modernity. Discover the delicate dance between Dutch and Japanese aesthetics, where the intersection creates a visual dialogue, bridging East and West. Join the journey of a Netherlands-based photographer, navigating the rich tapestry of...
  • Silent Landscapes

    Silent Landscapes

    In the realm of nature photography, a subtle yet profound revolution is taking place—one that speaks through the quiet language of minimalism. In this exploration, we delve into the transformative impact of minimalism on the perception and appreciation of landscapes, unlocking the beauty and serenity that often lies hidden in the simplicity of nature.The Whisper of SimplicityMinimalism, in the context...
  • Sarah van Rij | Interview

    Sarah van Rij | Interview

    Enter the artistic realm of Dutch photographer Sarah van Rij as she shares her unique perspective in an exclusive interview with 1605 Magazine. Discover the magic behind her lens, where ordinary scenes are transformed into cinematic narratives that capture the essence of fleeting moments. Join us as we explore the world through van Rij's eyes and gain insight into her...
  • Axel Vervoordt | Interview

    Axel Vervoordt | Interview

    Step into Axel Vervoordt's world, where he transforms the historic Kanaal distillery into a captivating blend of art, architecture, and nature. From a young collector to an eminent tastemaker with clients like Sting and Robert De Niro, Vervoordt's journey reflects the power of reflection. He treasures the importance of shadows, inspired by "In Praise of Shadows," and draws wisdom from...
  • The Future of Art Books: A Glimpse into an Enduring Tradition

    The Future of Art Books: A Glimpse into an Enduring Tradition

    Explore the future of art books as enduring treasures of creativity and personalizsation. Learn from the insights of renowned bookmaker Gerhard Steidl and discover how art books are evolving in the digital age. Dive into the world where each art book is not just a vessel but an object of desire, promising an immersive experience. Discover the boundless canvas of...
  • Howard  Greenberg | Interview

    Howard Greenberg | Interview

    Check out this excerpt from our interview with Howard Greenberg, a prominent figure in the world of photography. Howard Greenberg, born in 1948, is a collector, photography dealer, and gallery owner based in New York. His Howard Greenberg Gallery celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022.
  • UNSEEN | 1605 Collective

    UNSEEN | 1605 Collective

    Discover the Success of 1605 Collective at UNSEEN Photobook Fair! Explore exceptional art books, prints, and book-related products curated for inspiration. Connect with fellow art lovers and authors like Bastiaan Woudt and Kacper Kowalski, among others. Celebrate timeless elegance with us!
  • UNSEEN | Signing sessions

    UNSEEN | Signing sessions

    Meet Bastiaan Woudt, Thirza Schaap, Kacper Kowalski, Tim Verhallen, and Babs Decruyenaere at Unseen Amsterdam 2023 for exclusive signing sessions with renowned photographers. Dive into their creative world and take home signed artistry. ChatGPT "Meet Bastiaan Woudt, Thirza Schaap, Kacper Kowalski, Tim Verhallen, and Babs Decruyenaere at Unseen Amsterdam for exclusive signing sessions with renowned photographers. Dive into their creative...
  • Babs Decruyenaere | Interview

    Babs Decruyenaere | Interview

    Explore the artistic world of Babs Decruyenaere in this insightful Q&A, where she shares her inspiration from nature, her creative process, and the making of her book "Understanding the Landscape." Discover how she captures the extraordinary in the ordinary.
  • Babs Decruyenaere | Copyright Bookshop

    Babs Decruyenaere | Copyright Bookshop

    NEW RELEASE "Understanding the Landscape" by Babs Decruyenaere at Copyright Bookshop Antwerp.   Join us & Babs Decruyenaere in person at Copyright Bookshop on 10 September between 16:00 and 18:00. Address: Nationalestraat 28a, Antwerp, Belgium About the book: Discover the beauty of nature in the book "Understanding the Landscape" by Babs Decruyenaere. This book will take you on a special...
  • Rogier Houwen | Interview

    Rogier Houwen | Interview

    Discover the captivating world of photographer Rogier Houwen (b. 1992, The Netherlands) and his unique vision. Dive into his stunning compositions, masterful use of light, texture, and color, bringing everyday moments to life. Explore portraits, landscapes, and more in this showcase of creativity and dedication, adorned by widespread acclaim and recognition. Unveil the artist's journey, inspirations, and creative process in...
  • The Hub | Amsterdam Fashion Week

    The Hub | Amsterdam Fashion Week

    We are thrilled to announce our participation at the Hub Amsterdam Fashion Week. From September 2nd to September 3rd. We will present our artists and photobooks, providing an opportunity to recharge your inspiration batteries. Will we have the pleasure of seeing you there?
  • Levi van Veluw | Portfolio

    Levi van Veluw | Portfolio

    Discover the captivating world of Levi van Veluw, an artist whose diverse and thought-provoking creations draw inspiration from cherished childhood memories. Immerse yourself in installations, sculptures, and drawings that explore the delicate balance between order and chaos, leaving you introspective and amazed. Uncover the authentic craftsmanship of his handmade clay and wood sculptures and experience the meditative mood evoked by...
  • A Dream Home Office

    A Dream Home Office

    Create the perfect home office with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to optimise your workspace for functionality and aesthetics with practical tips and expert advice. From choosing the right location to organising your space, incorporating ergonomic elements and adding personal touches, this guide will help you design a home office that inspires productivity and enhances your working experience. Discover the...
  • Antoine D'ágata | Portfolio

    Antoine D'ágata | Portfolio

    Antoine D’Agata (b. 1961, France) is an itinerant figure: a photographer, a filmmaker, a world wanderer, and a member of Magnum Photos. As an artist, he is most widely known for his graphic and intense images. Often blurry and flashed, they translate human suffering and agony into the language of photography. His work deals with topics that are often considered...
  • Jean Arp | Portfolio

    Jean Arp | Portfolio

    Discover the artistic legacy of Jean Arp, a renowned French-German artist who played a pivotal role in Dadaism and Surrealism. Explore his fascination with organic forms, the interplay of positive and negative space, and his collaborations with other influential artists. Learn how contemporary designers and artists are inspired by Arp's innovative approach.