May 24, 2023

Howard Greenberg Gallery

By 1605 Collective
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Step into the world of Howard Greenberg Gallery, an iconic institution in the art world for over forty years. With a collection spanning genres, styles, and generations, this gallery showcases the works of renowned photographers who have shaped the medium. From classic masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Dorothea Lange to contemporary visionaries like Jungjin Lee, the collection is a testament to the rich history and evolution of photography.

The gallery's commitment to preserving and celebrating photography as an art form is evident in its diverse holdings. With names like Arnold Newman, Joel Meyerowitz, Berenice Abbott, Saul Leiter, Aaron Siskind and many more adorning their roster of artists, the collection offers a comprehensive view of the medium's evolution. Whether you're captivated by Pictorialism, Modernism, or contemporary photography, Howard Greenberg Gallery has something to ignite your passion.

Formerly known as Photofind, the gallery has been at the forefront of exhibiting groundbreaking works in photojournalism and street photography. Founder Howard Greenberg, a photographer himself and a key figure in the modern photography market, has nurtured the gallery into a premier destination for both established collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Jungjin Lee | 1605 Collective
Jungjin Lee


Located in the Fuller Building at 41 East 57th Street, the gallery's space provides an intimate yet flexible setting for multiple exhibitions. With a central gallery, secondary exhibition room, and private viewing rooms, visitors can immerse themselves in the captivating world of photographic art. In 2012, the gallery expanded, adding 2,500 square feet to accommodate larger exhibitions and additional presentation rooms.

In a recent development, Howard Greenberg Gallery completed its move to two adjacent locations on 57th Street. The exhibition space at 41 East 57th Street showcases the gallery's curated selections, while 32 East 57th Street houses and manages their extensive archive, boasting an impressive collection of over 40,000 prints. This expansion allows for a more comprehensive experience for visitors and ensures the preservation of photography's rich heritage.


Aaron Siskind | 1605 Collective
Aaron Siskind


At Howard Greenberg Gallery, accessibility is a priority. Their knowledgeable staff is dedicated to guiding collectors and enthusiasts alike, whether they are beginners or seasoned connoisseurs. With a vast array of prints beyond what is shown online, the gallery invites inquiries and is ready to assist in discovering the perfect addition to any collection.

Step into the captivating world of Howard Greenberg Gallery, where fine art photography takes center stage. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty, rich narratives, and technical mastery captured by some of the greatest photographers of our time. Discover the artistry and vision that have made Howard Greenberg Gallery a cherished destination for photography lovers worldwide.

 Saul Leiter

 Saul Leiter


Joel Meyerowitz | 1605 Collective
Joel Meyerowitz


Consuelo Kanaga | 1605 Collective

Consuelo Kanaga



Berenice Abbott | 1605 Collective
Berenice Abbott


Arnold Newman | 1605 Collective
Arnold Newman

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