July 24, 2023

Levi van Veluw | Portfolio

By 1605 Collective
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Who is Levi van Veluw?

Levi van Veluw, born in 1985 in Hoevelaken, is currently based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Over the span of 15 years, he has created a diverse and continually evolving body of work, showcased in exhibitions worldwide. His artistic repertoire includes installations, sculptures, drawings, and autobiographical films, all of which draw inspiration from his childhood memories.

Delving into the depths of his recollections, Van Veluw unearths images that stir universal emotions and challenge our understanding of human logic. Through his art, he skillfully juxtaposes elements of order and chaos, prompting viewers to contemplate our relentless pursuit of control.

The artist approaches his creations with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. His sculptures, crafted from clay and wood, are entirely handmade, exuding an authentic, coarse, and organic essence. In contrast, his charcoal drawings exhibit remarkable symmetry and harmony, while the clever use of light evokes a profound, meditative atmosphere.

Van Veluw's installations offer immersive and captivating experiences. Past exhibitions have featured complete yet fictional cathedrals and enigmatic spaces constructed from obscure forms and materials. Stepping into Van Veluw's alternate realities, visitors undergo a transformation, dissociating from their conventional spatial interpretations. Within this disruptive environment, the boundaries between order and chaos coexist, leaving observers introspective and captivated.

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Similar style artists

There are other artists that follow Van Veluw's style. For instance, Anish Kapoor, a British-Indian sculptor, mesmerizes audiences with his large-scale installations, exploring the interplay of form and space. Meanwhile, Cornelia Parker, a British artist, transforms ordinary objects into thought-provoking pieces, encouraging us to question their meanings.

Olafur Eliasson, a Danish-Icelandic artist, enchants with immersive installations that play with light, space, and the natural world. In contrast, Chiharu Shiota, a Japanese artist, weaves intricate web-like structures, delving into themes of memory and human connections.

The artist duo, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, captivate with sculptures casting intricate shadows, while Mona Hatoum, a Palestinian-British artist, confronts issues of displacement and identity through her works.

Do Ho Suh, a South Korean artist, explores themes of home and identity, while Tony Cragg, a British sculptor, challenges perceptions with his innovative use of materials.

Louise Bourgeois, a French-American artist, delves into emotional and psychological struggles through her sculptures. Lastly, Sarah Sze, an American artist, fuses mixed-media elements in her installations, creating captivating blends of sculpture and painting.

These artists share a dedication to evoking emotions, challenging perspectives, and exploring the complexities of human existence, making them a powerful force in the contemporary art world.

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levi van veluw

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