July 27, 2022

Summer Inspiration⁠ ⁠

By 1605 Publishers

Beautiful airy sculptures by American Sculptor Ruth Asawa (1926-2013)⁠, Yayoy Kusama's 'The Infinity Mirror Room', Richard Lin Show Yu's - 'Summer', 1966, Serpentine Pavilion 2022 'Black Chapel' by Theaster Gates, Mysterious mirrors of Viviane Sassen and Nostalgic surreality of Jûzô Itami in his masterpiece 'Tampopo' (1985) - welcome to the 1605 Publisher's summer inspiration list. We prepared for you an assemblage of artists in the fields of painting, installation, cinema, sculpture, architecture and photography who can are very likely to inspire you this summer. Go and get immersed in their creative flow!

Richard Lin Show Yu
 Richard Lin Show Yu - 'Summer', 1966



yayoy kusama
Yayoy Kusama 'The Infinity Mirror Room'



viviane sassenViviane Sassen



TampopoJûzô Itami - 'Tampopo' (1985) 



Serpentine GallerySerpentine Pavilion 2022 'Black Chapel' by Theaster Gates



Ruth Asawa
 Ruth Asawa