December 03, 2022

Winter Inspiration

By 1605 Collective

Winter is the season depicted by many creatives. The time of the year when silence and darkness immerse us into a deep and diverse palette of human emotions. We slow down to reflect, but also to celebrate the shimmer of the stars and the fresh frosty air of the the new beginning.⁠

1605 Publishers has prepared for you an inspiring winter palette of 6 of our favourite artists whose work deeply touches us, warms our creative minds and directs us towards the light during these long dark winter days. Enjoy the work by Jack Davison, Sol LeWitt, Per Kirkeby, Kacper Kowalski, Oscar Niemeyer and Studio Copenhagen 101.⁠

Jack Davison
Photography: Jack Davison


Copenhagen 101
Design: Copenhagen 101


Oscar Niemeyer
Architecture: Oscar Niemeyer


Per Kirkeby
Architecture/Design: Per Kirkeby


Sol LeWitt
Wall Painting: Sol LeWitt


Kacper Kowalski
Photobook: Kacper Kowalski - Event Horizon

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