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Nude | Portfolio Box + T-Stand

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Nude by Bastiaan Woudt 

Printed by Benrido, Kyoto  |  Edition: 1/10 - 10/10  |  Box size: 33.3x46.7 cm  |  Print Sizes: 30x38.7 cm  |  10 Collotype Prints  | Text: Willemijn van der Zwaan  | Portfolio includes a booklet "The making of Nude" printed by Ronda + Bierman Printmanagement |  Paper of the booklet: 70 grams cycius offset (inside), 200 grams cycius offset (cover)

The Nude Portfolio Box comes with a T-stand, providing the perfect display for this piece of art.

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Nude Bastiaan Woudt

About the artist: Bastiaan Woudt

Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, The Netherlands) is a Dutch photographer who is famous for capturing emotive portraits and mystic landscape photography in a fine monochrome palette. He is inspired by the classic masters of photography Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. With charcoal tones and elegant compositions, his photography feels like stepping into a modern painting.

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