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T-Stand by Bastiaan Woudt

T-Stand designed by Bastiaan Woudt is a large-format book stand - the perfect solution for displaying big books or Fine art portfolios. Several years ago, Bastiaan Woudt began making handmade collector's boxes containing a book and prints. Since these are more difficult to place in an interior, and it's a shame not to give them the attention they deserve. Therefore, Bastiaan Woudt designed a tripod bookstand that perfectly meets this need. The result is the T-Stand or art book holder, and as the name suggests, the big brother of the V-Stand. Bastiaan Woudt is proud to offer this stand through 1605 Publishers.

Publisher: 1605 Publishers | Design: Bastiaan Woudt | Material: Steel
Color: Black Matt | Size: 111x76x49 cm


Tripod bookstand large format

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