Babs Decruyenaere

Understanding the Landscape | Signed

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Babs Decruyenaere - "Understanding the Landscape” (Signed)

Discover the beauty of nature in the book "Understanding the Landscape" by Babs Decruyenaere. This book will take you on a special journey where the author connects deeply with the small and precious things of nature. Decruyenaere collects stones with interesting shapes and textures and transforms them into works of art that highlight the beauty of nature.

"Understanding the Landscape" is not just a book, it's a mixture of nature observation and personal thoughts. It's about looking at ordinary things in a special way and finding a safe haven in the chaos of a big city. 

About the author:

Babs Decruyenaere is a multi-media artist from Antwerp, Belgium. She tells stories that find something special in everyday life. In her work, she explores the essence of natural elements and interweaves them with her introspective journey through art.


Artist: Babs Decruyenaere | Initiators: Bastiaan Woudt | Design: Janneke Schrey | Cover:  Greyboard 475 gr. | Paper: 100 + 140 gr. Arena Bulk Natural | Pages: 48 | Size: 32 x 30 cm | Language: English | ISBN 9789083065038 | Publisher: 1605 Collective | Printer: Swan Lenoir | Edition: 200 | Note: Signed