October 18, 2022

1605 Collective

By 1605 Publishers
1605 Collective

Entrepreneurship is about being open to change, especially when rapid growth occurs. Seeing where opportunities lie and daring to make decisions that have impact. Today is a day of such a big decision for 1605 Publishers, which from now on will be known as ‘1605 Collective’. – Founder Bastiaan Woudt

With this name change, we are preparing our ever-expanding business for the future.

The overarching entity of ‘1605 Collective’ will be divided over a multi-label stage for art, design and architecture – with established names and undiscovered talent.

1605 Publishing
The books and magazines we present are products of passion and bring an abundance of beauty and inspiration with every page. Each title exudes a unique energy, while staying truthful to our editorial signature and quality. At the tail-end of 2022, 1605 Publishing will launch the first edition of its annual magazine.

1605 Editions
Offers a limited range of special editions for each print and portfolio that we release. Collectable and covetable, they make for beautiful gifts and centerpieces that stand the test of time.

1605 Curated
Products that have been carefully curated and handpicked from other brands and artisans. Our thoughtfully curated Selection brings together essentials and statement pieces for those with a discerning taste. Featuring products that touch upon the pillars of 1605, never losing sight of our subdued style.

1605 Collection

To complement our selection, we offer a capsule line of self-designed products in accordance with our aesthetic sensibility. From sturdy printed totes to nifty bookstands, our custom products are sure to please the esthetic eye and soul. 

1605 Foundation
Through mentorship, resources and funding, we aim to amplify the voices of underexposed talents in the creative community. We believe that people from all walks of life, and in all guises, are deserving of a chance to develop their full potential.

‘1605 Collective’ (formally known as 1605 Publishers) was founded in 2021 by internationally acclaimed and award-winning art photographer Bastiaan Woudt.

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