October 26, 2022

RELEASE: Reveal by Tim Verhallen

By 1605 Collective
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1605 Collective is happy to share with you the masterpiece from 1605 Publishers - Reveal by Tim Verhallen. The book comes in edition of 500 and also has a limited edition with the choice of 2 prints: Arise and Pivôt. 

Reveal is a masterpiece that exuberates inspiration. The book discloses the moment when Tim Verhallen presses the shutter - le moment décisif of the photographer who transforms his models into muses.

As you open the book, page by page, following the constructed flow, you refocus your perspective and unlock your sight to the possibilities of wonder and surprise. Finally, it all falls into place: the composition, the choice of models, and the light-and-shadow interplay.

It becomes crystal clear that Tim Verhallen’s viewpoint goes beyond our comprehension of a typical photoshoot.Throughout the series, the photographer prioritises the special connection he creates with models. He sees image creation as a form of unexplainable magic. Holding his breath, with his fingers on the shutter, he awaits the pivotal moment when his model exudes character and becomes the protagonist of the written by him play.

Tim Verhallen - Reveal

Tim Verhallen - Reveal

Although Verhallen mostly works with fashion, the key element of every shoot he embarks on is the creation of a perfect portrait. The photographer, who is also known for his signature lighting techniques, doesn't simply capture people but creates the atmosphere where the person who is standing in front of the camera lights up with powerful and creative energy.

At first glance, his first monograph Reveal appears as a gorgeous gem where every picture has that special glow of perfection. However, a deeper dive into the book not only shows you the photographer's inner world but tightly attaches you to his oeuvre where the value of a person means more than a mere fashion snapshot.

Tim Verhallen - Reveal


Tim Verhallen - Reveal


Tim Verhallen - Reveal

Check the Regula Edition Reveal by Tim Verhallen here.

Check the limited edition Reveal by Tim Verhallen print Pivôt here.

Check the limited edition Reveal by Tim Verhallen print Arise here.

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