February 09, 2023

After Beauty by Maura Sullivan at L'intervalle

By 1605 Collective
Maura Sullivan, Media Appearance, Photography

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After Beauty, nobility of introspection, by Maura Sullivan

Grey linen cover, hot stamped with handwritten lettering, After Beauty by Maura Sullivan, published in the Netherlands by the 1605 Collective, is a formally sumptuous and highly poetic work.

Maura Sullivan's second monograph after Things We Remember (Skeleton Key Press, Norway, 2021), After Beauty is inspired by several poems by Walter Fields, which define beauty as an attitude to life rather than as a prettiness of appearance.


Maura Sullivan


Maura Sullivan


After Beauty questions our ability to love, to meet and to occupy space, as if it were a question of finding one's true place in the corridor of time.
On the thick paper, next to the white pages, there appear fragments of a body, a mouth, a chin, a forearm, and that soft flesh around the neck which is like an ocean of peace.

A young woman appears, barely visible in the sunlight that surrounds her.
Where are we? In limbo? The moment when the mind awakens to dimensions of infinity? There are superimposed images, a confusion of identity, a long negotiation between the shadows and the very white light.  


Maura Sullivan


Maura Sullivan

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