February 22, 2023

Antony Gormley | Portfolio

By 1605 Collective
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Antony Gormley is a British sculptor who has gained international recognition for his innovative and thought-provoking work. Born on 30 August 1950 in London, England, he is best known for his large-scale sculptures that explore the relationship between the human body and space.

Gormley often uses casts of his own body, as well as those of others, to create sculptures that are both personal and universal in their themes. One of his most famous works is the Angel of the North, a 20 metre high steel sculpture in Gateshead, England. The sculpture has become an iconic landmark in the region and is widely regarded as one of the most important public art works of the 20th century.

antony gormley


antony gormley

In addition to Angel of the North, Gormley has created many other notable sculptures, including Another Place, a series of 100 cast iron figures located on a beach in Liverpool, England. The figures are positioned so that they appear to be looking out to sea, and the installation has become a popular destination for visitors to the area.

Gormley has received many awards and honours throughout his career, including the Turner Prize in 1994 and a knighthood in 2014. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and has been the subject of several major retrospectives, including a 2007 exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London and a 2019 exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, also in London.

Overall, Antony Gormley's work has had a profound impact on the world of contemporary sculpture, and his ability to explore the relationship between the human body and the spaces we inhabit has inspired many artists and art lovers alike.

antony gormley


antony gormley

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