February 15, 2023

The use of repetition and seriality in minimal art

By 1605 Collective
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Minimal art is an art movement that emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s, characterised by a focus on simplicity and reduction. In this style, repetition and seriality are two powerful tools used to convey a particular aesthetic and create a meditative experience for the viewer.

Repetition in Minimal Art refers to the repeated use of a single form, shape or colour to create a sense of unity and harmony. By repeating the same element over and over again, the artist aims to draw the viewer's attention to the fundamental qualities of that element and the experience of seeing it in a new light. This repetition can be seen in works such as Donald Judd's stacks of identical metal boxes, Dan Flavin's fluorescent light installations and Agnes Martin's grid-like paintings.


Agnes Martin
Work by Agnes Martin

Seriality, on the other hand, involves arranging multiple elements in a particular order to create a series or sequence. In Minimal Art, this often involves arranging identical or similar elements in a repetitive pattern to create a sense of rhythm and movement. The repetition and seriality in these works invite the viewer to focus on the differences and similarities between the elements and to experience the way they interact with each other.

In conclusion, repetition and seriality are essential components of Minimal Art. These techniques help to create a sense of unity and harmony, as well as a meditative experience for the viewer. By focusing on the most basic elements of form, colour and pattern, Minimal artists aim to create works that are simple yet profound, and that encourage the viewer to have a meaningful and contemplative encounter with art.

Donald Judd
Work by Donald Judd


Dan Flavin

Work by Dan Flavin

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