May 24, 2022

Bastiaan Woudt - Q&A Twist

By 1605 Publishers
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Bastiaan Woudt Twist


The exhibition Twist in Museum Kranenburgh (16 April – 18 September 2022), in Bergen, is the first solo museum exhibition of Bastiaan Woudt. Together with guest curator Eliane Odding, the photographer has put together a careful selection of this studio and travel photos, a concise representation of his work from recent years.

For this important occasion, 1605 Publishers together with Bastiaan Woudt has created a museum catalog Twist. A minimalistic and elegant publication where apart from discovering Woudt's experiments around form, structure and materiality, you can find a plan of the exhibition with a list of titles of the work, their dimensions and location.

1605 Publishers also asked Woudt a couple of questions about how the idea of the exhibition came about and what is the story behind the title Twist.



1605 P.: Hi, Bastiaan! Your first museum solo exhibition in museum Kranenburgh is called Twist and this is also the name of the catalogue. Could you give us a little more insight into the inspiration for this show and also tell us about the idea for the name Twist.

BW.: Hi, there! It was always one of my biggest dreams to have a museum exhibition. After many years of setting up gallery exhibitions and art fairs, setting up a museum exhibition is different. I am very proud and grateful that Museum Kranenburgh has given me the first opportunity to make this dream come true. Together with curator Elian Odding, I chose the title 'twist' because it is derived from a sentence that very well describes my work: A contemporary approach with a classical twist.

1605 P.: Last year, you published your 10-year retrospective, the book Rhythm and already this year, you have your first museum show. I assume that these 2 major events are pivotal in your career. Could you please tell us how exactly, in your opinion, these 2 positive occurrences impacted your career and what they unfold for you as a photographer?

BW.: Last year I celebrated my 10th anniversary as a photographer with the release of my book Rhythm and a gallery solo exhibition of the same name in Amsterdam at Bildhalle gallery. For me, this was an enormous recognition of my work, and the release of my book has been one of the most special moments in my career. Looking back on 10 years of work in such a thick publication is something I am most proud of. Now, less than a year later, I am standing at the opening of my own museum exhibition, something I could have dreamed of a year ago. A solo museum exhibition is, I think, one of the greatest acknowledgments of your work. I think this can open even more doors for me.

1605 P.: Are you working on something new? And if yes, when will we be able to see the results of your newest inspiration?

BW.: I am finally, after two years of not being very creative, planning a lot of new projects and shoots. I feel that two years of inactivity due to world events has crippled my creative process. It has given me time to think about what I want to do. I have three projects on the shelf, a big one that I will be working on for the next few years, and two smaller ones that I will be working on as I go. I can't say much about it yet, but I'm very excited about it. And of course, I will continue to do a lot of work in between!

1605 P.: What are the three images of yours that describe your work the best to someone who isn’t familiar with your oeuvre?

BW.: I think those images are:


1605 P.: The museum catalogue Twist, will be published by 1605 Publishers. What other exciting titles can we expect from your publishing house in the nearest future?

BW.: We are working hard on several books that will come out this year. I don't want to give away the titles yet, but five more books are coming out this year, one of which is a big special edition book of my own work.



Check the catalogue here
Twist catalogue

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