• Sarah van Rij | Interview

    Sarah van Rij | Interview

    Enter the artistic realm of Dutch photographer Sarah van Rij as she shares her unique perspective in an exclusive interview with 1605 Magazine. Discover the magic behind her lens, where ordinary scenes are transformed into cinematic narratives that capture the essence of fleeting moments. Join us as we explore the world through van Rij's eyes and gain insight into her...
  • Howard  Greenberg | Interview

    Howard Greenberg | Interview

    Check out this excerpt from our interview with Howard Greenberg, a prominent figure in the world of photography. Howard Greenberg, born in 1948, is a collector, photography dealer, and gallery owner based in New York. His Howard Greenberg Gallery celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022.
  • Babs Decruyenaere | Interview

    Babs Decruyenaere | Interview

    Explore the artistic world of Babs Decruyenaere in this insightful Q&A, where she shares her inspiration from nature, her creative process, and the making of her book "Understanding the Landscape." Discover how she captures the extraordinary in the ordinary.
  • Rogier Houwen | Interview

    Rogier Houwen | Interview

    Discover the captivating world of photographer Rogier Houwen (b. 1992, The Netherlands) and his unique vision. Dive into his stunning compositions, masterful use of light, texture, and color, bringing everyday moments to life. Explore portraits, landscapes, and more in this showcase of creativity and dedication, adorned by widespread acclaim and recognition. Unveil the artist's journey, inspirations, and creative process in...
  • Prince Cartiee | Interview

    Prince Cartiee | Interview

    Experience the captivating world of Prince Cartiee, a Ghanaian photographer and visual artist based in Accra. Drawing inspiration from his homeland's rich culture, Cartiee's striking compositions play with light and shadows, creating mesmerising visuals. Explore his diverse portfolio, featuring collaborations with renowned clients and personal projects rooted in Ghanaian heritage. Discover the driving force behind Cartiee's artistic vision and embark...
  • Yukari Chikura | Interview

    Yukari Chikura | Interview

    Discover the captivating world of award-winning photographer Yukari Chikura on 1605 Collective Platform. Explore her mesmerising work and learn about her inspiration, process, and vision. Don't miss out on this insightful and inspiring conversation!
  • Michael Oliver Love | Q&A

    Michael Oliver Love | Q&A

    Michael Oliver Love's fashion photography shows Black women with sensual figures and men wearing jewellery, make-up and high heels, breaking away from conventional norms to present raw beauty. His aim is to present an alternative view of beauty that differs from the typical representation in major fashion magazines. Love's work explores the intersection of femininity and masculinity, presenting a new,...
  • Maciej Markowicz | Interview

    Maciej Markowicz | Interview

    Maciej Markowicz is an artist with a boat that he turned into a Camera Obscura in 2017. Living on a floating surface while travelling around Europe, Markowicz doesn’t waste any minute. He organises workshops for kids and adults and fascinates everyone with the magic of creating 8 seconds paintings with light and motion on colour photographic paper.
  • Kacper Kowalski | Interview

    Kacper Kowalski | Interview

    1605 Collective is happy to announce a release of Event Horizon, a fourth book by the Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski. Event Horizon reveals the most intimate parts of the artist’s soul, showcasing his introspective approach to nature and the discovery of his vulnerability and feelings. We were happy to receive Kowalski in our office for the interview about his spiritual experience of flying while...
  • Tim Verhallen | Interview

    Tim Verhallen | Interview

    1605 Collective invites you to deep dive into the interview with Tim Verhallen. Being a famous fashion photographer, Verhallen admits that his main inspiration are people. By creating powerful connections with his models, he creates masterpieces in a form of photographs that are both sensitive and dynamic.This fall, 1605 Collective also presents a unique creation of 1605 Publishers, the book...
  • Designing the beauty: Interview with Janneke Schrey

    Designing the beauty: Interview with Janneke Schrey

    Janneke Schrey (b. 1986, Germany/Netherlands) is the heart of 1605 Publishers, its creative director. With a strong interest in fashion and a background in Design and Photography, she has always been fascinated by the art of any form. "The fondness for architecture and design runs in the family", she explains.
  • Katrien de Blauwer

    Saar De Permentier: interview

    Gallery FIFTY ONE in Antwerp, Belgium, specialises on fine art photography and drawings on paper. It represents Katrien De Blauwer, Masao Yamamoto, Harry Gruyaert, Eric Manigaud to name just a few. Read the interview with the gallery assistant director Saar De Permentier and discover more about gallery's work.
  • Paul Cupido: interview

    Paul Cupido: interview

    In his exclusive interview for 1605 Publishers, Dutch photographer Paul Cupido reveals how to grasp the right mood that puts you on a creative path without surrounding yourself with cluttered inspiration. He talks about his 2 recently published books "Mukayu" and "4 a.m." and his workflow during the global pandemic.
  • "Rhythm": Q&A | Bastiaan Woudt

    "Rhythm": Q&A | Bastiaan Woudt

    Bastiaan Woudt A renowned Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt (b.1987) began his photographic journey both by devouring photography books and experimenting with different photographic techniques. He explored his artistic instinct and gathered a unique vision by diving into the work of Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Passionately putting the knowledge of the masters into practice and applying to it his contemporary...
  • Shaping ideas | Interview with Vincent van Duysen

    Shaping ideas | Interview with Vincent van Duysen

    Vincent Van Duysen Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen was born in Lokeren in 1962. After earning a degree from the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent, he worked with Aldo Cibic in Milan, followed by a collaboration with Jean De Meulder in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1989, Vincent Van Duysen has established his studio which today has grown into a team of...
  • Thirza Schaap Plastic Ocean

    How to publish a photobook | Interview with Thirza Schaap

    Thirza SchaapDutch artist Thirza Schaap is represented by Bildhalle gallery in Switzerland and in the Netherlands. Schaap recently published her photobook "Plastic Ocean" which visually tells a story of a consequences of mass consumption and the overuse of plastic that pollutes ocean and causes major problems for its inhabitants. In her interview, she talks about her experience of printing and...