November 25, 2021

Best art book stores around the world

By 1605 Publishers
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best bookshops in the world

On the picture left to right: Artwords (London), FOMU (Antwerp), Ensemble (Marseille)

If you are willing to find out the world's coolest book stores, also, 1605 Publishers' favourites, then, this article is for you. We have assembled 7 book shops that follow the same line as we do at 1605 Publishers, being not only a regular shop, but also an art platform, publishing house and some even an exhibition space. And these shops not only have the best books, but they are also designed beautifully. If you are in Brussels, Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam, Antwerp or Marseille, do not hesitate and visit these gems.

Peinture Fraîche


Peinture Fraiche is a traditional bookstore run by a couple who have passion and special dedication to art books. When you enter the store, you hear classical music playing and you aren't allowed to use your cellphone. 



Our long-term partner, Mendo is a candy-store for the book lovers and art enthusiasts. Located in the centre of Amsterdam, however, on the quiet street, it's a perfect refuge where you can sit comfortably in one of the chairs and into your favourite design, art, culinary or photography book. Mendo also organises signing sessions with book authors and runs beautifully curated exhibitions.



FOMU is the Antwerp's museum of Photography which is definitely worth a visit, but it also has an amazing bookstore where you can find your desired photobook, exhibition catalogue, unique poster or a nicely designed postcard. The store is cozy and has a lot of important photography titles: classic and contemporary.



Ensemble is a physical bookstore from Anglo-French award-winning independent publishing house collaborating with leading and emerging artists on contemporary approaches to photography in book form. Their bookshop and gallery dedicated to contemporary photography is located in Marseille, France. It's a young dynamic art space that presents a carefully selected range of titles by independent art and photography publishers from across the world, alongside Loose Joints’ own books and editions.



Being a specialist in contemporary visual culture, Artwords supplys customers with the most up-to-date publications, and offers imported books and magazines from Europe and North America. It was founded in 2001 by the bookseller Ben Hillwood-Harris who is friends with Banksy and Tim Noble and holds regular readings and launch events. The store has a diverse selection of titles on fine art, architecture, art history, fashion, graphic design and photography - signed and rare editions are available. 

Yvon Lambert


Yvon Lambert bookshop has been founded in 2001. Its team curates and displays a selection of art books, exhibition catalogues, artists books, rare and out of print books, limited edition prints, posters and art objects.

Printed Matter

New York

Printed Matter is very cool and independent, non-profit grant-supported bookstore, artist organisation and arts space which publishes and distributes artists' books. Founded in 1976 by consortium of artists, critics, and publishersIt is probably the place you want to be whilst in New York. The space also serves as a support system for avant-garde artists.

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