November 20, 2021

The world's first bookstand

By 1605 Publishers
Design, Inspiration

Did you know that world's first bookstand was created already in 1881 by the American inventor Laverne Noyes (1849-1919). La Verne began his career as an inventor when he went to work as a laboratory technician at Iowa Agricultural College. He eventually left his job at the college and went into business for himself by producing and marketing tools, machines and devices of his own invention. One of his breakthrough inventions was a bookstand designed to hold large books such as dictionaries or thick religious books, open or closed. Its construction visually resembles a modern tripod bookstand. 

Bookstand and book holder history

First ever designed bookstand by Laverne Noyes & improved version by Francis John Anderson & William Madison Irick 

Due to Noyes' experience in manufacturing agricultural machinery, he made a successful market of good quality wire book holders that became very popular in libraries, churches, bookstore and private studiolos. 

Thirteen years later, in 1894, a duo of American inventors Francis John Anderson & William Madison Irick created another, more mechanical design for a bookstand which they called an improved book-holder. The cradle of this stand could be moved upward and outward from the holder in a manner which will bring the book in exact right position for consultation. Another additional feature of the invention is a cradle with pivoted sides that can be locked to keep the book either closed or fully open.

Check our two modern version of a book stand: V-Stand and a T-Stand. Both designed by the photographer Bastiaan Woudt, book holders have an elegant and minimal appearance and are made of high quality steel to last you many years. A perfect fit for your own studiolo with one-of-a-kind book treasures.

Tripod bookstand and a V-Shape book holder
T-Stand & V-Stand designed by Bastiaan Woudt