December 15, 2021

Best Winter Films

By 1605 Publishers
Film, Inspiration

The cozy time during the holiday season cannot go without watching an atmospheric movie. Of course there are some undeniable classics of Hollywood like Home Alone, The Grinch and Love Actually that approach the holiday subject closely, celebrate the warmth of human relationship and spice our lives with some special magic.

However, here at 1605 Publishers, we have prepared a special kind of selection for you... Our list consists of 7 most inspiring films from horror, drama and meditative experience to a love story from different corner of the world. They all are slightly on the darker side, with vivid dramatic imagery, breathtaking soundtracks (especially the one from Suspiria, 2018 by Thom Yorke from Radiohead) and the most disturbing and puzzling plots.

These movies remind us that the winter is here and although it is murky and ominous we don't have to live in denial of the dark side. On the contrary, embracing the obscurity might make our transfer into spring less painful and somewhat even beautiful. 

Burning | Lee Chang Dong 

2018 (South Korea)

Soundtrack by Mowg here

In the Mood for Love | Wong Kar-wai

2000 (Hong Kong)

Soundtrack here

Andrei Tarkovsky | The Sacrifice

1986 (Russia)

Soundtrack here

Suspiria | Luca Guadagnino

2018 (Italy)

Soundtrack by Thome Yorke (Radiohead) here

Rosemary's Baby | Roman Polanski 

1968 (United States)

Soundtrack composed by Krzysztof Komeda, conducted by Jack Hayes here

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring | Kim Ki-duk

2003 (South Korea)

Soundtrack by Ji Bark here

It's a Wonderful Life | 
Frank Capra

1946 (United States)

Soundtrack by Dimitri Tiomkin here

Best Winter Films from 1605 Publishers

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