• Art Movies on MUBI

    Art Movies on MUBI

    MUBI is a global streaming platform where you can discover, watch, and share great movies. It introduces a new exciting film every day. That's why here, at 1605 Publishers we have selected 6 of our favourite art movies that have a contemporary feel and will inspire you to create and stay up to date with the coolest movie trends. Enjoy...
  • Best Winter Films

    Best Winter Films

    Here at 1605 Publishers, we have prepared a special kind of selection for you. Our list consists of 7 most inspiring films from horror, drama and meditative experience to a love story from different corner of the world. They all are slightly on the darker side, with vivid dramatic imagery and breathtaking soundtracks.
  • Three best inspirational movies

    Three best inspirational movies

    Nothing inspires better than a good movie. 1605 Publishers presents the three best inspirational movies of all time. They aren't just any regular movies but real art pieces, moving photographs and a storehouse of countless ideas, dreams and inspiration. Last Year in Marienbad, The Seventh Seal and Nostalghia.