January 09, 2023

Contemporary Japanese Photography

By 1605 Collective
Photography, Portfolio

Contemporary Japanese photography is a diverse and vibrant field, encompassing a wide range of styles and subjects. From traditional landscapes and portraiture to experimental and avant-garde approaches, Japanese photographers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the medium.

One notable trend in contemporary Japanese photography is the use of technology and digital media. Many photographers are using smartphones and other digital devices to capture and share their work, and social media platforms like Instagram have become important channels for showcasing and distributing contemporary Japanese photography.

Another important aspect of contemporary Japanese photography is its engagement with social and political issues. Many photographers are using their work to comment on and critique contemporary Japanese society, addressing topics such as gender, identity, and the environment.

Overall, contemporary Japanese photography is a vital and dynamic part of the country's cultural landscape, reflecting the diverse experiences and perspectives of its practitioners.

Here, we present you with our favourite selection of contemporary Japanese Photographers: Daisuke Yokota, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Masao Yamamoto, Miho Kajioka to name but a few. 

Masao Yamamoto

Japanese Photography

Miho Kajioka


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