May 17, 2023

Kelly Wearstler | Unique Design

By 1605 Collective
Design, Inspiration

Kelly Wearstler is a highly esteemed and influential figure in the world of design and art. As an interior designer, fashion designer, and creative visionary, Wearstler has made a significant impact on the industry with her bold and eclectic aesthetic. Her distinctive style combines elements of luxury, glamour, and a fearless use of color and texture.

One notable aspect of Wearstler's work is her passion for collaborating with artists to create unique and custom pieces for her clients and hospitality projects. Over the years, she has formed long-standing partnerships with both emerging and established artists, resulting in stunning and one-of-a-kind designs. These collaborations have been an integral part of her creative process and have allowed her to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to her projects.

In addition to her physical design projects, Wearstler has also ventured into the digital realm with her own gallery. This digital Gallery serves as a platform to showcase the exclusive collections she has created in collaboration with artists from around the globe. By bringing together diverse talents and artistic styles, Wearstler's Gallery offers a captivating and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.


kelly wearstler - 1605 collective
 Kelly Wearstler x Rotganzen⁠


The collections featured in Wearstler's Gallery are a testament to her dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. Each piece is the result of an in-depth exploration of the artist's work, combining traditional techniques with modern technology. For instance, some designs may feature sculptural elements created using 3D printing techniques and recycled materials, while others may showcase clay works made using centuries-old traditional methods. The juxtaposition of these different approaches creates a harmonious and visually striking collection.

One of the core principles of Wearstler's Gallery is the idea of creative discovery. It is a space where boundaries are pushed and new artistic expressions are explored. By presenting diverse bodies of work in a single platform, Wearstler encourages viewers to engage with art in a new and immersive way. Her Gallery is not only a showcase of beautiful designs but also a playground for artistic exploration and inspiration.

Kelly Wearstler's impact extends far beyond her individual projects and collaborations. Her unique vision and fearless approach to design have earned her a dedicated following and numerous accolades. She has been recognized as a tastemaker and trendsetter, with her designs gracing the pages of prestigious publications and being featured in top-tier design exhibitions.


kelly wearstler - 1605 collective
 Wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler

In conclusion, Kelly Wearstler is a creative force who has redefined the boundaries of design and art. Through her collaborations with artists and the establishment of her digital Gallery, she continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her innovative and distinctive aesthetic. Whether it's through her interior design projects, fashion endeavors, or artistic collaborations, Wearstler's impact on the industry is undeniable, and her legacy as a visionary designer continues to evolve and shape the world of design.

Kelly Wearstler's unique and daring approach to design has undoubtedly influenced and inspired a new generation of designers. Her fearless use of color, texture, and unexpected combinations has left a lasting impression on the industry. Many designers have been inspired by her ability to create spaces that are both luxurious and playful, pushing the boundaries of traditional design conventions. Some designers have embraced her eclectic aesthetic, incorporating bold patterns, vibrant hues, and unexpected materials into their own work. Others have been inspired by her emphasis on craftsmanship and the use of unique, handcrafted pieces. The impact of Kelly Wearstler's design philosophy can be seen in the work of designers who strive to create spaces that are visually captivating, emotionally evocative, and ultimately, a reflection of their clients' individuality.


kelly wearstler - 1605 collective
Beach house design by  Kelly Wearstler

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