August 29, 2022

Lilian Bassman: Portfolio

By 1605 Publishers
Photography, Portfolio

Lilian Bassman (1917-2012) was an American photographer and painter.

Bassman's photography is notable for her unusual printing techniques and innovative graphic effects. This experimentation, combined with the close rapport she establishes with her models, has resulted in pictures memorable for their emotional atmosphere, impressionistic mood, and subtlety of intimate gestures. 

Bassman worked as an art-director at Harper's Bazaar in the late 40s and helped to establish photographers such as Richard Avedon and Robert Frank.

Her photographs go beyond what the camera can actually see. Her signature black and white contrasted style with deep tones and bleached garments was achieved through a range of darkroom experiments. Lilian used tissues, gauze, cigarette smoke to blur the background, double exposure and brushstrokes of potassium cyanide to achieve the bleached effect. 


Lilian Bassman
lilian bassman
Lilian Bassman hand


Lilian Bassman
Lilian Bassman
Lilian Bassman