March 08, 2021


By 1605 Publishers
Architecture, Design, Inspiration

Mendo Amsterdam

Mendo books

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A candy store for book lovers with a flagship store situated at De L’Europe Amsterdam since May 2020. The space, formerly known as the Johannes van Dam chamber, already had an impressive collection of books that has been transferred to a library in the hotel and replaced with MENDO books. However, the bookshelves are the only thing that are still the same, the rest has been completely redesigned by Nicemakers. Apart from the carefully curated collection of books on subjects like fashion, photography, interior and lifestyle, MENDO is known for its unique selection of limited edition books on display and we're proud to call MENDO our partner. We advise you to take a look if you are in Amsterdam.

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 10, 1012 CP Amsterdam