• Axel Vervoordt | Interview

    Axel Vervoordt | Interview

    Step into Axel Vervoordt's world, where he transforms the historic Kanaal distillery into a captivating blend of art, architecture, and nature. From a young collector to an eminent tastemaker with clients like Sting and Robert De Niro, Vervoordt's journey reflects the power of reflection. He treasures the importance of shadows, inspired by "In Praise of Shadows," and draws wisdom from...
  • Interior Design | Sofas

    Interior Design | Sofas

    Discover the allure of designer sofas - where style meets comfort. Explore the world of exquisite craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and customisation options. Elevate your living space with a statement piece that reflects your unique taste. Indulge in the beauty and prestige of owning a designer sofa.
  • Portfolio | Kazuyo Sejima

    Portfolio | Kazuyo Sejima

    Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima is known for her clean and modernist buildings that prioritize social use and adaptation. Her signature style features smooth surfaces, cubes, and large windows that blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of her notable projects include the New Museum in New York City and the Shibaura House in Tokyo. Sejima has also taught architecture at several...
  • The impact of minimal art on modern interior design and architecture

    The impact of minimal art on modern interior design and architecture

    Minimalism has revolutionised modern interior design and architecture with its focus on simplicity, clean lines, and negative space. This approach creates serene and uncluttered spaces that are both practical and beautiful. From the use of neutral colours to simple furniture, minimalism creates a welcome respite from the chaos of modern life. Its impact has been profound, and it will undoubtedly...
  • Arquitectura-G | Portfolio

    Arquitectura-G | Portfolio

    A Barcelona-based architectural firm named ARQUITECTURA-G was established in 2006. In their pursuit of humane architecture, they work with the best solutions that are specially developed. Their present work comprises international projects of distinctive renovations and new constructions, and they have extensive experience renovating old structures. Their work has garnered numerous honours and accolades, most notably the 2015 Emerging Architect...
  • OOAA Arquitectura | Portfolio

    OOAA Arquitectura | Portfolio

    Discover OOAA Arquitectura - an Architecture Studio founded in 2011 in Madrid, Spain. It's directed by architect Iker Ochotorena (b. 1984, Spain).⁠ ⁠In its projects, the studio pursues a calm and protective atmosphere with the help of geometric vacuums and volumes carved in noble materials.
  • Sergi Comellas | Portfolio

    Sergi Comellas | Portfolio

    Sergi Comellas is a Barcelona-based interior designer who he came to this area by instinct. Always in search of a singular project where he can capture his personal vision, in 2005 he opened his own studio in society and since then, his work focuses primarily on the development of private residential projects and professional spaces.
  • Reza Mohtashami | Portfolio

    Reza Mohtashami | Portfolio

    Reza Mohtashami is an Iranian architect who follows the minimalist style. The work you see in the picture is a proposal of a "concrete house": a minimal dwelling that merges with its dramatic landscape context. ⁠In order to avoid disrupting the integrity of the rock, the structure is situated carefully, lightly suspended atop an array of pillars. Mohtashami states: "The...
  • 5 Best Architects to Follow

    5 Best Architects to Follow

    From skyscrapers to creative home designs, modern architects play a big role in the shape of our landscape and our emotional and creative development. In order to keep your inspiration flowing, we've prepared a list of the best contemporary architects with some of the most creative designs for you to explore. Follow them on Instagram for your daily dose of original ideas....
  • Rem Koolhaas | Portfolio

    Rem Koolhaas | Portfolio

    Rem Koolhaas is one of the most accomplished Dutch architects of all time. His designs for some of the most prominent buildings in Holland achieved international acclaim. Koolhaas has written several books that cemented his reputation as one of the most important architectural theorists of this generation. Among countless awards, he received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2000 and was...
  • Paulisson Miura - Lina Bo Bardi, SESC Pompéia

    Who is Lina Bo Bardi?

    Famous works: SESC Pompéia (1986), Glass House/Casa de Vidro (1951), MASP/Sao Paulo Museum of Art (1960) Architects inspired by Lina Bo Bardi: Kazuyo Sejima, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Women in architecture We live in the era of feminism and female empowerment. But how many of us can actually name off the top of our head a famous woman architect, designer, or photographer? Not...
  • Shaping ideas | Interview with Vincent van Duysen

    Shaping ideas | Interview with Vincent van Duysen

    Vincent Van Duysen Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen was born in Lokeren in 1962. After earning a degree from the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent, he worked with Aldo Cibic in Milan, followed by a collaboration with Jean De Meulder in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1989, Vincent Van Duysen has established his studio which today has grown into a team of...
  • Uoya Shigenori

    In Praise of Shadows

    In search of inspiration? Read our review of "In Praise of Shadows" by the Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki (1886–1965). At 1605 Publishers we praise minimalistic aesthetics, natural materials and a soft colour palette. We are inspired by art compositions that have light and shadow interplay like works of Avant-garde artists of the 1920s like László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Aleksander Rodchenko to name only...
  • Brent Lee Australia

    Studio Brent Lee

    Studio Brent Lee Architectural & interior design Studio Brent Lee is based in Sydney, Australia with other branches in Doha, Qatar and Joshua Tree, California. Brent Lee's approach to an interior space is minimalistic and refined with only the necessary structure and furnishings. All the materials used by the designers follow the natural palette and made of natural materials, apart...
  • Mendo


    MENDOA candy store for book lovers with a flagship store situated at De L’Europe Amsterdam since May 2020. The space, formerly known as the Johannes van Dam chamber, already had an impressive collection of books that has been transferred to a library in the hotel and replaced with MENDO books. However, the bookshelves are the only thing that are still...
  • Copyright Gent

    Copyright Gent

    Copyright Gent We are pleased to name Copyright Gent among our partners.The Copyright Gent bookshop is an international bookstore presenting publications on contemporary art, architecture, design, landscaping, photography, graphic design and typography. There are two shops, one located in Antwerp and one in Gent. If you are in the area of Antwerp or Gent, we definitely recommend you to visit...