May 10, 2022

5 Best Architects to Follow

By 1605 Publishers
Architecture, Inspiration

Here at 1605 Publishers, we speak about architecture and interior design as an art form that accompanies us in our daily lives. It's not a secret to anyone that a well-designed space has the ability to affect business productivity, the growth of communities, and mental and even physical health.

From skyscrapers to creative home designs, modern architects play a big role in the shape of our landscape and our emotional and creative development. In order to keep your inspiration flowing, we've prepared a list of the best contemporary architects with some of the most creative designs for you to explore. Follow them on Instagram for your daily dose of original ideas. Among them Blackhaus Studio (Brazil/United States), Lera Kasianova (Ukraine), Priscilla Muller (Brazil), Reza Mohtashami (Iran) and Yakusha Design (Ukraine/Belgium).

blackhaus studio
Lera Kasianova
Priscilla Muller
Reza Mohtashami
Yakusha Design