August 28, 2021

Studio Brent Lee

By 1605 Publishers
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Studio Brent Lee
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Lee Brent

Project’s above: Kangaroo Valley House | MT Townhouse | Hinterland House

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Studio Brent Lee

Architectural & interior design Studio Brent Lee is based in Sydney, Australia with other branches in Doha, Qatar and Joshua Tree, California. Brent Lee's approach to an interior space is minimalistic and refined with only the necessary structure and furnishings. All the materials used by the designers follow the natural palette and made of natural materials, apart from being timeless and accompanied by functional qualities and high aesthetics.

The furnishings range from mid-century to contemporary designer pieces. Apart form high aesthetics, working with authentic materials and getting inspiration from architectural history to reach the desirable result is also in the studio's practice. Sometimes, the addition to the design of the space is antique French limestone flooring paired with a contemporary faux suede armchair next to an in-house designed oak dining table.