September 27, 2023

UNSEEN | 1605 Collective

By 1605 Collective
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The UNSEEN photo book fair was a huge success for 1605 Collective. This annual event served as a vibrant showcase for our commitment to celebrating exceptional artistic talent and showcasing new publications and book-related products.

During the fair, we presented a diverse collection of art books by our renowned artists, including special editions of prints and, as mentioned above, book-related products such as the famous book stands: V-Stand, V-Stand XL and the classic T-Stand. All carefully designed and curated to broaden the horizons of inspiration for our audience.

We were also thrilled to present our printed issue of 1605 Magazine at UNSEEN, where we gathered young and established talents in art, photography, architecture, and design. The magazine features in-depth articles, interviews, inspiring photos, and a list of desirable art products.

1605 Magazine

The UNSEEN Photobook Fair provided an excellent platform to connect with fellow art lovers, collectors and creatives. The event was not only successful but also fruitful, fostering inspiring encounters and generating new ideas for books and content.

In addition, our visitors had the opportunity to share our collective's passion for art and attend book signings with several of 1605 Collective's published authors, including Bastiaan Woudt, Tim Verhallen, Thirza Schaap, Babs Decruyenaere and Kacper Kowalski, which added to the overall experience, along with praise for timeless elegance and aesthetic minimalism.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our publishing house and art platform. We really appreciate it!

unseen 2023

Unseen 2023

Unseen 2023

Unseen 2023

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